Tuesday, March 31, 2009

GOOD NEWS..I guess?

Saw. Dr. T today (the OS)... Says everything is looking so good, I can come back in a few weeks, he isn't too concerned with anything and says Im healing exceptionally.

Then, I saw Dr. W as well (the Ortho)... says he is so impressed with my healing everytime he sees me.. he also told me I can check with Dr. W and if he says its cool, we can start shifting teeth again in two weeks, I can lose the elastics AND the surgical hooks!!

A year ago I never would've thought Id get so excited about teeth!! Yippie!!


  1. Losing elastics & hooks? VERY good news! Will be hoping the next two weeks fly by :)

  2. Hello Meghan, I just found your blog. I am glad you are healing well. I am 12 days today. Still having some problems with my lower jaw aching and my faces hurts. Continue to do well. Bless ya! : )